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From the Author of book "Will Physical Therapy Help Me Live Pain Free" and the report "Is Pain A Bad Thing".

I am mad as hell and frustrated about all the nonsense going around back pain so I want to put an end to it. 80% of Americans can get back pain at some point in their lifetime according to WEBMD. Has it ever or is it happening to you right now? It makes a person work less and prevents you from contributing to all the household chores. Worse is turning away your kids/grandkids because you are not able to play with them. I have seen the devastation of neck and back pain first hand in my clinic. 

For neck pain patients there is a sharp pain while bending the neck, shaving, brushing, washing face etc. or while turning the head making it impossible for driving, and for back pain patients, they cannot even sit down as the pain is unbearable. Low back pain patients describe it as a sharp stabbing type of pain.

Man with neck and back pain

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Dr. J Peruvingal PT, DPT

“Hi my name is J. Peruvingal, I am a N.Y licensed Physical Therapist with a doctorate degree who went nuts to find out about the root cause of neck and back pain. I don’t believe in masking the pain with painkillers as this is not a permanent solution and will ultimately lead one to stomach ulcers. I don’t believe in throwing something in the wall hope and pray it will stick, I have always believed in finding the true cause of pain in order to treat it for long term results. I found out about the root cause of pain for treating it effectively. I even have a U.S patent for low back pain table (U.S 7,648,473) .“

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